What is a Life Coach?

A life coach supports clients who are ready to work through big goals and life changes. A life coach asks the tough questions to assist the client in finding their own answers within themselves; the big transformations happen through self-empowerment. Coaching helps one to explore and develop their own strengths, and make their own choices freely. A life coach will hold the light for the client to see their own path forward, to take charge of your own life and dreams. In order to achieve any goal, there has to be some actions taken, so be prepared to put in the time and effort. The more you put into your goal and actions, the greater the return you will receive.

Life coaching is not counselling, nor will a life coach fix anything for you.
The coaching client must be willing to do their own work, learn about themselves, and take the action steps to move forward to their goals and big life dreams.


What are Energetic Boundaries?

We each have our own personal energy, imagine yourself as a magnet. The human eye can not see the magnetic field around a solid magnet, but it can be felt, and ‘seen’ through simple experiments with iron filings.
Some magnets are stronger than others, some have different shapes, some may lose their magnetic abilities, some may become stronger – depending on their surroundings and what they are exposed to. The same can be related to us. The people around us, and our environment affect us greatly. Have you ever felt drained by being around that one person that seems to suck the life out of you? And then there are the other people that liven us up, we feel joyous, bright, and buoyant when in their presence.

Our physical environment affects us similarly.  How do you feel in each of these environments: nature, forest, plants, flowers, animals, lake, urban centre, industrial area, garbage dump, animal shelter. Even just reading these words may evoke different feelings within you, both emotional and physical signs of the energy related to each item.

Just as we strive to keep our physical bodies healthy, it is also important to maintain the health our energetic body, because they are intimately connected in our total wellbeing. By maintaining our own energetic boundaries, we are better able to handle to daily barrage of all the external energies we are exposed to.


How often should I have a session?

Energy Sessions:
Trust yourself to feel what is best for you on the number of sessions and the frequency. I find that it is best to allow yourself to fully integrate after each session, and you will know when another session will be of benefit to you. After any session with me, feel free to contact me with any further questions regarding that session.

Life Coaching:
Life Coaching packages are set up to work towards specific long term goals and dreams. These packages are organized with biweekly scheduled dates so that you progress through each session, building towards your big dreams. After a coaching series, you have the option to schedule single coaching sessions as a refresh to keep your momentum flowing.


Energy is Everything?

Energy is everything. Everything is energy. Everything vibrates, some things much slower so that they appear solid to us; others vibrate at a much higher level such as air. We can not actually see air, but we know it is there, we breathe it.
We can not see most of the energy around us with the human eye, but we can feel it and sense it. The amount of energy in the light spectrum that is visible to the human eye is tiny compared to the full light spectrum. Also, what we see as white light, is actually made up of many colours. A rainbow is that white light refracted to reveal the many colours that we see, and many more that we can not see.

We can not see the WiFi and cellular phone connections, but we know they exist because our emails and messages are sent instantly, across vast distances. It’s amazing how we can connect with someone instantly on the other side of the world without being physically connected. In a similar way, we can tap into energy by using intuitive abilities to sense and connect with the energies around us, without physical contact.

We can connect and communicate with the energy within and around us, our personal energy, higher self, soul, spirit, divine energy, universal light energy, source light energy, angels, guides, light beings, and more; always asking for the connections and guidance to be for our highest and best good. Meditation is a way of connecting to energy. When you make a wish, who/what are you speaking to?

I connect with your energy and the energies surrounding you to reveal what is currently affecting you. In the same way that we declutter and clean our physical bodies and homes, we can also ‘clean’ our energetic space to allow in more light to clear our life path. Opening up to more light allows us to become clearer on our life choices and confidently step forward on our best path.