Terms and Conditions:

Information provided on this website and in sessions are based on Johanna’s personal experiences, opinions and knowledge. By use of this website and any information contained within, users accept all personal responsibility.

Johanna conducts sessions that may include intuitive readings and guidance, meditation, visualizations, energy clearing & balancing & healing, ThetaHealing®, Reiki, life coaching, mentoring, and yoga. Session content and results will vary from person to person, and may include some or all of the components listed above. Users of this website and clients accept all responsibility for any and all risks and outcomes associated with participating in services provided by Johanna.

Where information on a specific option is supplied, it does not constitute a recommendation. Information provided should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given by any qualified professional.
Johanna is not licensed as a psychologist, psychotherapist, doctor of medicine or psychiatry or other health-care professional, and does not hold herself to be such. In addition, she does not diagnose, treat or otherwise prescribe for any dis-ease or conditions; or perform any act that would constitute the practice of medicine.
Complimentary therapies and energy healing are not substitutes for medical treatment and the client realizes it is their own responsibility to continue medical treatment as advised by their professional health care providers.
By engaging in Johanna’s services, the client accepts all personal responsibility, acknowledges that they are fully aware and releases Johanna to conduct sessions as above; and they have solicited Johanna’s services in good faith, exercising their own free will to select what they perceive to be most beneficial for their own wellbeing.

All matters discussed between Johanna and individual clients, whether in person, via phone, internet, or email, remain fully confidential. All client information is kept confidential, unless released in writing or required by law. Please also see our Privacy Policy.