Pet Day 2018

April 11 was Pet Day, a day to show your pet some extra love and attention. No matter how much affection I’ve had towards the animals that have graced me with their presence, they still provided more to me in return. We’ve had our cat, Sophie, for a little more than a year now, and I Read More

Thoughts are Powerful

How many times have you been left with a hollow empty feeling upon achieving one of your goals? Where did those joyous exuberant feelings go that you were expecting? Instead of striving for that material goal, focus on what you want to feel. Don’t get me wrong, I like material things too. But we often search Read More

Joy & Gratitude

Happy 2018! Wow! Another year gone by, last year was a doozy, so many changes and shifts. I guess that’s to be expected from a number 1 universal year, and a personal number 9 year for me. Number 9 is all about endings and beginnings, letting go of the old to make room for the Read More

28 years ago

I had a couple ideas to write about, but as I sat down at my computer, another idea jumped to the forefront and would not leave. 28 years ago, December 6, 1989. I can still feel the pain and fear on hearing the news of the shooting at École Polytechnique in Montréal, in which the Read More

Farmer Boy

Last month my oldest son graduated from high school, and this month my younger son started driving. Over the past year, they’ve both grown taller than me, though they tell me I’m shrinking. To compensate, I’ve been wearing higher heels, but that’s not helping any more. As their final farewell for my son’s time at high school, Read More

Endings and Beginnings

Happy Spring! Or Fall, if you are in the southern hemisphere! This spring, more so than other years, it feels like I’m emerging from an extra long hibernation. The longer, warmer days are refreshing and enlivening, but it is so much more. Maybe it’s all the changes I’ve experienced over the past several years: feeling Read More