Hi! I’m Johanna, a life coach that is passionate about helping people discover their true self, reveal their inner spark, empowering them to move past playing small and fully embrace the power of their uniqueness, to live their best life. I especially enjoy working with women who are ready to transition to a new phase of their life, and what lights them up to feel fulfilled.

My story
A few months after my second son was born, I started yoga classes. It was to get out of the house for some ‘me time’, and get some exercise. The yoga classes led to meditation classes. I started Reiki training. I purchased many books on creativity, chakras, energy healing, and intuition.

In my mid 30’s, I really started to question life and the purpose of existing. I felt lost, empty, unhappy, like a lab rat stuck in a maze with the same mundane routine everyday. I had it all: good education, husband, two kids, health, comfortable home, new car, great career and well paying job. Why was I not happy? What was missing?

I thought it was just a phase, tired, not enough sleep, this persisted and deepened, but I went on with my daily life, trying to appear happy on the surface. One night as I was putting my 5 year old son to bed, he asked me ‘why are you always so sad?’ My heart crumpled even more, this amazing young man could see right through me. All I could answer was ‘I don’t know, but that I loved him’.

It was time for me to do something, I needed a change. I didn’t have anyone in my life that understood what I was going through. I tried counselling, but that didn’t help. I felt alone and isolated. I wasn’t sure who or what I was talking to, but I began to ask myself and the universe why I was here, ‘What’s the purpose?’, ‘What is my purpose?’, ‘I want to be happy.’ ‘Please help me!’

It took a couple more years for real change to start happening. We rarely took a family vacation, but we went to Disney World on the week of my 38th birthday. I was looking at our pictures after, I looked sad, had excess weight, and I wore drab clothes which reflected how I felt. That spring, I started running again, and in the summer I joined a bootcamp exercise group. I was starting to feel better physically, and being in the exercise group was uplifting emotionally too.

Throughout my life I’ve had many ‘weird’ experiences and premonitions, and considered the possibility of reincarnation. A co-worker told me she had a vision of me in a past life, she suggested that as I went to sleep that night, I ask for more information on that life. In my dreams, I was shown more. These dreams were different, it was just a clear knowing that this was different, these dreams were vivid, real, from another time, me in another life. I saw myself with my children. It took me several months to understand the messages from that past life.

A few months later, the big change for me came with separation, and divorce later. I was an emotional wreck, and was barely eating and sleeping. I was asking myself if I was doing the ‘right’ thing, and should I have stuck it out for the kids. I saw a psychic a couple times that year, finally I’d found someone who understood what I was going through. One piece of advice from her that still sticks with me is ‘If you have to be talked into it, it’s probably not a good thing’, this was related to a career question, but I’ve found it applicable throughout all parts of life.

After the separation, she told me my chakras were a mess and that I needed to get them in order. I knew a little about chakras from yoga and my books, but I had no idea how to heal them. She helped me through that transition period; I had several sessions with her, and she helped me start a regular meditation practice. These sessions and the bootcamp classes were my therapy. When I was 40, someone said I was ‘blossoming’, the real me was finally emerging.

I continued to ask the universe questions, asking for teachers, how to access my intuition and healing abilities consciously, rather than just in random dreams or through someone else. The teachers did start to show up, each the perfect teacher for what I needed at that time. I took many courses, but these teachers taught me my biggest lessons through helping me heal my own shadows, releasing demons, attachments, curses, psychic attacks, past lives, karma, family and ancestor issues, and allowing forgiveness of others and myself. As I heal a part of me, slowly another layer emerges when it is ready to be healed.

My life has taken another major twist. After 24 years in a chemistry career, the universe gave me a kick to transition towards a new career, embrace my spiritual side, listen to my soul, and balance that with physical health. (more on this another time)

Life is a journey of hills and valleys, challenges and lessons, and hopefully a lot of joy. As I continue on my path of life-long learning and transformation, I hope to share those lessons with others to make their journey flow smoother. My purpose is to help others re-ignite their own inner light to shine, illuminating their path forward. I believe everything is connected energetically; we are not only physical beings, we are also spirit/energy.


Chemistry and Alchemy

Whether we realize it or not, we eat, sleep, and breathe chemistry. Chemistry is the study of matter, and all matter is made up of atoms, so the importance of chemistry is that it is the study of everything.

Modern chemistry’s origins go back to alchemy, which is much more than turning mundane things into gold. Alchemy also has a philosophical basis, relating to purification of the soul. Although alchemists practiced actual chemistry and medicine, turning lead into gold symbolized a spiritual transmutation equivalent to an awakened consciousness, enlightenment.

Through university classes in theoretical and quantum chemistry from my formal education as a chemist, I was amazed at the structure of an atom and its components. Specifically, when trying to measure or observe sub-atomic particles (i.e. the components of an atom), it is impossible to obtain any measurements with accuracy. By just trying to observe the components of an atom, they change, their energies shift. Particles are always moving and vibrating.

Atoms are composed mostly of empty space with a positive core surrounded by negative electrons, like a tiny magnet. Everything in the universe is then built upon this, which then implies that all things consist of mostly space; even that which appears solid is just a pile of spacious atoms. What is this space? Energy.

If we can change the energy merely by observing it, what if we can change it purposely through focussed intention?
By letting in the light to balance our energy and chakras, releasing old outworn beliefs, clearing away the energetic clutter that no longer serves us, we can establish a new foundation and beneficial paradigm to move our life forward in a brighter direction with purpose and peace.

In this way, as Life Coach is a valuable resource, a modern day alchemist.  Let me help you define your goals and reach them with joy, purpose, and clarity.
Are you ready to shine?