Pet Day 2018

April 11 was Pet Day, a day to show your pet some extra love and attention. No matter how much affection I’ve had towards the animals that have graced me with their presence, they still provided more to me in return. We’ve had our cat, Sophie, for a little more than a year now, and I am astounded by how much she has shifted our household with her love. Even in her mischievous, sassy moments, she still makes me smile and laugh.

When I was young, and feeling down, animals were my ‘go to’. I would go out and sit on the big rocks beside the barn, by the pasture. The rocks felt comforting, even with their hardness, they felt grounding, providing a deeper connection to the earth. The horses would come over and gently nudge me with their velvety noses. The dogs would sit by me, nuzzling their heads on my lap, and sometimes the cats and kittens would come out too. Their quiet gentle presence eased my pain, and released any heaviness that I was feeling. It was peaceful and healing.

I regret waiting so long to bring animals back into my life and home. I am surprised how much love a little fluffy cat can carry. I had never considered myself a cat person, I always thought I would get a dog, not a cat. It just worked out better for us to adopt a cat, or was it that she chose us. I love to start my day with a kitty snuggle, it makes my partner a bit jealous, but he’s not a warm fuzzy, unconditionally loving bundle of joy. Don’t get me wrong, he’s great, but there is just something about pure love from an animal that is so healing and uplifting.

My kids wanted a dog instead of a cat, but now my younger son wants more cat hugs than mom hugs. Since getting divorced, my boys have alternated weeks with me and their dad. When my younger son arrives here Friday evening, he wants a kitty hug first, before a mom hug. But to see him transform from sullen teenager to a bright, happy smiling young man, it’s worth it to be second to Sophie. When I wake my son in the morning, the first thing he used to say was ‘Where’s my phone?’, now he says ‘Where’s Sophie?’

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