28 years ago

I had a couple ideas to write about, but as I sat down at my computer, another idea jumped to the forefront and would not leave. 28 years ago, December 6, 1989. I can still feel the pain and fear on hearing the news of the shooting at École Polytechnique in Montréal, in which the gunman targeted female engineering students. I don’t watch or listen to the news, so I heard this news from my classmates. One of the first explanations I heard for this man’s actions was that schools preferentially admit women into engineering; and he targeted people he viewed as feminist, women. At that time, I was attending university, in an engineering college – so this felt very real and close to me even though I was across the country, far from where it happened. Most of my classmates were male (probably 90% male at that time), and in some of my smaller classes I was the only female. I’d like to believe that I met all the requirements and earned my spot in that college, not because of my gender.

I’m not a Taylor Swift fan, but when I heard of her case of the guy suing her for losing his job over groping her, and she fought it and won, not just for herself, she was standing up for all women. She’s earned my respect! I view her differently, there’s a lot more substance to celebrities than what we usually see.

Since the Taylor Swift case, several old harassment incidents are finally being brought to light, this causes a ripple effect, forward and back through our generations. This has even caused heated discussions in my own family, I was asked, ’why didn’t the women speak up back then?’, or worse “that’s just how things were then”. From my own experiences, and I’m guessing in many of those old cases too, the women did speak up, but were dismissed, shushed, threatened, and even blamed for the incidents.

Thank you to all of those, especially the younger women, who are making a stand and saying NO! This changes the world for all of us, the ripple effect of this is immense. What was once just ‘status quo’, is crumbling, clearing space for a new foundation to bring balance.

These examples are about gender biases, but I expect the impact can be felt throughout other areas. Looking through the generations of my grandparents, parents, to me and my kids now, there have been many shifts. My teenage son is currently working on a school assignment, ‘Is equality possible?’ (equality in regards to gender, sexuality, race, culture…) I believe that we are shifting, awareness and openness is a big step forward.

This year, I started learning more about the Divine Feminine. How fitting that all of the cases of women rising up and standing in their power are coming to light this year. To me, the Divine Feminine or Sacred Feminine is about bringing balance to the masculine and feminine; embracing the strengths and value of the feminine. We each have feminine and masculine aspects within us, it’s time to embrace and respect both. This is a very simplistic interpretation of the Sacred Feminine, I feel that I’ve been dropped into a whirlpool with a ton of information rushing at me that I’m trying to sort through and make sense of.

In numerology, 2017 was a 1 year, a year of beginnings, courage, making things happen, starting a new cycle. As this year comes to a close, I wonder what amazing transformations await us next year.



Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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