Endings and Beginnings

Happy Spring! Or Fall, if you are in the southern hemisphere!

This spring, more so than other years, it feels like I’m emerging from an extra long hibernation. The longer, warmer days are refreshing and enlivening, but it is so much more. Maybe it’s all the changes I’ve experienced over the past several years: feeling lost, separation/divorce, new home, being a single parent, hitting bottom, finding myself, new relationship, another new home, health changes, recent career change, and meeting wonderful new people. It’s funny how life sends us on a winding path in order to emerge brighter and stronger. Thank you! I wouldn’t be where I am and who I am without all that upheaval.

I recently completed the life coaching course with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy; it was amazing and greatly exceeded my expectations. It required me to really stretch myself, with much inner reflection and pushed me to grow. The course also helped and supported me as I worked through personal challenges over the past several months.

With the change of seasons, it is the perfect time for endings and beginnings. Being grateful for the old and letting it go, and embracing and stepping into new opportunities.

Throughout winter, rabbits have frequented our yard and they are still returning for the few sparse weeds sprouting here for them to snack on. Rabbits have various symbolic meanings, but this resonated with me:

Rabbit carries strong energies of hope, renewal, and new opportunities. Rabbit springs forth everywhere at the dawn of a new season, the season of planting, the season of new dreams. Rabbit appears on the horizon as a messenger that something new is on its way to you. Rabbit symbolizes the imagination and new ideas.

Have you been wanting direction and feeling that a breakthrough or big change is so close you can feel it? What dreams are in your heart? How is the changing season affecting you? What new direction is your life taking you?
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